atbin is a universal binary packaging format used by the AT toolchain.

Comparison with other formats

Swift binaries are composed of several components: an binary (such as .a or executable), a swiftdoc, a swiftmodule, and sometimes a clang module.

On Darwin platforms these components are often distributed inside a Framework. But Frameworks are awkward on Linux, and do not support some AT binary types, like executables.


An atbin is a folder with extension .atbin containing at least a compiled.atpkg file.


:name "example"
:payload "example.dylib"
:platforms ["ios-x86_64" "ios-i386"]
:type "dynamic-library"

This .atbin will contain:


You can build .atbins by hand; just move the files into the right places and create your compiled.atpkg.

You can also build atbin from packageatbin

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