Custom tools

The Anarchy Tools mission is to build “simple, separate” tools. While we want atbuild to be a great build system out of the box, we also want to prevent it from becoming monolithic, and therefore, unhackable. Many features that are very useful do not make sense for inclusion in atbuild core:

  1. Optional or lesser-used features
  2. Features that only make sense on a few platforms
  3. Features that don’t require tight integration with the atbuild sourcetree

Examples of features like this include: xcode-emit.

To better support this usecase, we’ve developed an extremely simple interface to support out-of-process custom tools for Anarchy Tools.

Comparison with shell

Our shell tool can be used to run any program, not just ones that understand --key value syntax. Shell is good for when you have an existing program that just needs to run as a phase in your build process. Cases like this include tar, find, and small shell scripts.

Custom tools allow you to write new software specifically for use from AT. By designing to our interface your tool will feel at home in any atpkg file, at the cost of some flexibility for standalone use. Cases like this include preprocessors, test runners, atllbuild alternatives, or complex packaging.


Custom tools are just programs, that are written to be used from atbuild. You can use them just like any builtin tool:

  :name "program"
  :tasks {
    :default {
      :tool "echo.attool"
      :key "value"


To use a custom tool:

  1. Place a binary in your path
  2. Set your tool name to be mybinaryname.attool
  3. Set keys and values as needed

The program will be started with --key1 value1 --key2 value2. Note that build.atpkg is unordered, so the order of keys provided to the custom tool is undefined.

Variable expansion

atpkg variable expansion is supported for all key values.


Custom tools support the same environment variables as the shell tool


  1. Consider statically linking your program with the swift static library. Upstream does not support this but you can do it with CaffeinatedSwift
  2. If you need to work with atpkg files for some reason, you can link our atpkg library

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