package-framework is an atbin packager that builds Mac/iOS Frameworks. You can use it to convert the atbin format into Frameworks.

Complete example

    :name "FooFramework"
    :tasks {
            ;; build the Swift code as a dynamic library
            :default {
                :tool "atllbuild"
                :output-type "dynamic-library"
                :sources ["src/**.swift"]
                :name "FooFramework"

                ;; always use this option when building code for frameworks
                :framework true

            ;; package into atbin format
            :packageatbin {
                :tool "packageatbin"
                :name "FooFramework"
                :platforms ["all"]
                :atllbuild-task "default"

            ;; convert to framework
            :package {
                :tool "package-framework.attool"

                ;; specifies the atbin to package
                ;; and the resulting framework name
                :name "FooFramework"

                ;; path to the info plist for this framework
                :info-plist "Info.plist"

                :dependencies ["packageatbin"]
                ;; Create a compressed tarball for the framework
                :compress true


It’s worth pointing out a few idiosynchrocies related to frameworks:


atbuild has a built-in packageframework tool, this is deprecated, and will be removed from a future version of atbuild.

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