Platforms in atbuild are more explicit than in other tools you may have used.

atbuild supports these “specific” platforms:

These platforms can be used anywhere and identify an exact device target. Our low-level build tools work with these values to generate code for the chosen ISA.

In addition, atbuild supports the following “generic” platforms:

These platforms are valid for tools that need to know the OS, but don’t need to know the exact ISA. However, [atllbuild](atllbuild.html), our low level build tool, compiles for a single, specific platform. So it will not accept a generic platform directly.

To create a fat binary for all architectures in a generic platform, simply chain atllbuild with packageatbin as shown:

  :name "atbin"
  :tasks {
    :lib {
      :tool "atllbuild"
      :name "foo"
      :output-type "static-library"
      :sources ["lib/**.swift"]
    :package {
      :tool "packageatbin"
      :name "foo"
      :atllbuild-task "lib"
      :platforms ["all"]

and run with atbuild --platform ios. This will re-run the lib task for each specific platform in the ios generic platform.

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