The shell tool allows you to call a shell command.


:taskname {
    :tool "shell"

    ;;run the following script in /bin/sh.
    ;;A non-zero return code indicates that build should halt.
    ;;this field supports variable expansion.
    :script "echo hello world"

Environment variables


The ATBUILD_USER_PATH contains the path to a “user” directory. You can use this directory however you like.

The directory is preserved across all tasks that are part of the same dependency chain, and is cleared between invocations to atbuild.

A common use of the ATBUILD_USER_PATH is to specify include information; see atllbuild’s includeWithUser documentation for more information.


The platform currently being targeted. Valid values are the same as those passed to --platform from atbuild


The version of the package for the current task. If the package has no version, this environment variable will not be present.


The absolute path to the bin folder for the current execution. Note that this will be different than workingDirectory+"/bin" in the case that the task is imported.


The internal configuration API is also exposed via environment variable. See configurations for more details.

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