Anarchy Tools

an opinionatedly, unopinionated set of tools for building Swift projects

The Anarchy Tools toolset provides a straight forward way to build your Swift tools and libraries and manage their dependencies. It takes a non-nonsense approach to getting things done. Best of all, it's built right on top of the swift-llbuild foundation and plain simple git.

  :name "simple-sample"
  :tasks { :build { :name "sample"
                    :tool "atllbuild"
                    :sources ["src/**.swift"]
                    :output-type "executable" }})

Install (OSX)

  1. Install homebrew
  2. Add our tap:
    brew tap AnarchyTools/homebrew
  3. Install our tools:
    brew install atbuild atpm

Install (Debian)

  1. Install our repository:
    curl -s | bash
  2. Install our tools:
    apt-get install atbuild atpm


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